The Denville Volunteer Fire Departments Bylaws read as follows:

The purpose of the Association shall be to encourage the members of the Denville Volunteer Fire Department in the preservation and protection of life and property from and during such fires and emergency as may occur in the Township of Denville and vicinity, the mutual improvement of its members in fire protection, to promote the principles of good fellowship, to encourage social activities, to afford entertainment for its members and their guests and to work towards the betterment of the township of Denville.

What we are and what we do:

The Denville Fire Department Association is the fundraising entity of the Fire department.

The association provides additional Fire fighting equipment to the department to offset the Township Budget. We also provide duty and dress uniforms to all members. Both of those items save substantial tax dollars to our homeowners..

We provide citizens with family orientated entertainment . We host the 4th of July fire works on Wednesday (yearly, weather permitting) at our Carnival, The Halloween parade, which includes goody bags, refreshments and prizes for all Denville children. On Christmas eve these Volunteers, leave their own family's and provide Santa Clause and candy stockings to every child in Denville.

The association also donates money to other Denville organizations such as the Girl scouts, Denville Little league, Denville Blue Angels, Denville Hub Soccer, Denville PBA Junior police, The Joey Bella Fund, Saint Barnibus burn center, The Denville American Legion, and Denville PAL Hockey.... Just to name a few.

Without the wonderful, Citizens of this Township and the dedicated Chiefs and Volunteer Fire and first aid members none of this would be possible.