This scholarship is for Undergraduate education, including five (5) year undergraduate programs.  High School, Postgraduate and any additional, equivalent undergraduate efforts are excluded. 


          It is open to all members in "good standing" (as defined by the current by-laws of that organization) of the Denville Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary and Denville Volunteer Fire Department Association (except Honorary Members) who have a minimum of three years of accredited service on the date when this application form is due.  Denville Volunteer Fire Department Junior Auxiliary members are also eligible for this scholarship award, if they joined this organization within sixty (60) days of their sixteenth (16) birthday.  This scholarship is open to children (including wards), spouses, and members of the stated organizations.  Children (including wards) and spouses of deceased members of these organizations are eligible, if their parent (guardian) or spouse was a member in "good standing" at the time of their death. Candidates are limited to six (6) lifetime applications and five (five) awards.  Candidates may NOT apply for this scholarship if it is to pursue an undergraduate degree (associates or bachelors) that they already posses even if it is in a different discipline, nor if it is in the pursuer of any post graduate degree.  

All applications are due by April 15, 2022

No applications will be accepted after this date.   

2023 Application